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About CNG Fuels

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a clean and affordable American natural resource. The CNG used in Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV’s) is the same natural gas that is piped into millions of homes for cooking and heating. Colorless and odorless, it consists mostly of methane (CH4).

Though a fossil fuel, CNG doesn’t contain the same harmful compounds found in gasoline, diesel, and other fossil fuels. Naturally high in octane, it also does not require carcinogenic (cancer-causing) additives to boost octane levels. CNG is not toxic or corrosive and will not contaminate ground water. Finally, CNG burns cleanly and produces lower levels of pollutants than gasoline and diesel.

CNG is a practical alternative, as any vehicle can be converted. It is also great for your engine. When used, fewer oil changes are needed since the particulate materials produced by other fuels that dirty your car’s oil during the combustion cycle are not present in CNG.

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