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Types of CNG Conversion Systems

1. BI-FUEL - Vehicle can operate on either CNG or Gasoline.

With a Bi-fuel conversion system, the vehicle will run on CNG until it runs out of CNG. Then it will automatically switch to gasoline mode until your next CNG fueling, which will switch it back to CNG mode. The user also has the option to manually change between CNG and gasoline at the push of a button.

2. DEDICATED - Operates Solely on CNG

CNG Fleet Services


If you are interested in converting your fleet to CNG give us a call before you buy any new vehicles. We obtain EPA/CARB approval for each vehicle prior to your purchase from the dealer. After we receive approval then you purchase your vehicle from the dealer.

CNG is stored on board vehicles in 3,000-3,600 psi tube-shaped cylinders that are installed in the trunk, roof, bed or undercarriage of the vehicle. These cylinders are made of very high-strength materials and meet very rigorous safety standards. They are designed to withstand impact, puncture, and, in the case of fire, their pressure relief devices (PRD's) provide a controlled venting of the gas rather than allowing pressure to build up in the tank.

How is the original manufacturer's warranty affected?

As long as your conversion is EPA certified, the warranty will not be affected. The Clean Air Act approves EPA certified conversions for vehicles as clean fuel.

How do I fuel my CNG Vehicle?

Re-fueling of a Natural Gas Vehicle is easier and safer than refueling with gasoline or diesel. It takes about the same amount of time, but natural gas does not puddle or spill like gasoline. 

Natural Gas Fleet Services

Each business is different and will have unique needs when it comes to CNG vehicles. From the first business analysis to final product, at CNG Fleet Specialists, we take every step necessary to create an efficient, money-saving conversion plan for our customers. We can handle everything from vehicle orders to personalization and installation of your own private fueling facility. We will also advise you in taking advantage of the government programs that are out there to help finance your project.

Our skills are not limited to CNG conversions. We can also help make your fleet better fit your needs through other personalizations such as adding additional seats and windows into vans, painting and application of decals, etc. Contact us for more information on these services as well!

Installation of Compressed Natural Gas ( CNG ) Facilities

If required, we have the capabilities to design, permit, and manage the construction of a private CNG fueling facility for your business. This would allow you to save even more by buying CNG wholesale.